In Adobe Illustrator, it is very easy to create dotted lines. But how do you create dotted lines easily in Adobe Photoshop? And what approach should you use for creating areas filled with dots? In this short tutorial I will give some tips for making dotted lines in Photoshop. Creating Dotted Lines with Brushes Creating Dotted Lines is fairly easy in Photoshop Brushes. There is not a single tool or option for it, but you just have to tweak some brush-settings and we have our dotted lines in seconds. Start by opening a new file (Ctr+N, or File > New), […]

A slider is a powerful technique to display multiple sections of text and visualisations in just one screen. It is for no reason that it is wildy popular and used on many websites. In this article I want to describe how you can make a custom slider in WordPress, using custom post types, jquery flexslider and metaboxes. It is assumed that you have basic understanding of WordPress and understand HTML and CSS well. Step 1: Registering a Custom Post Type With register_post_type, it is possible to register a custom post, which enables you to have another type of posts besides […]

What do you think of these old, worn surfaces you can find in older cities? While they are a sign of decay, they have some very attractive element. And that’s why I shot a couple of these textures while being on a city trip. These textures are great for aspiring artists, graphic designers, digital artists and designers working with 3d modelling software such as Blender and Maya. They can be used freely, also for commercial purposes. Redistribution, however, is not allowed. A zip package of all textures can be downloaded below. Download Rust & Wear Textures

Solidworks is a powerful application for modelling, but you might want to look to other applications for shading and rendering. In this tutorial I give a simple overview how to export a SolidWorks model to a format which can be accepted by Blender. By importing it in Blender, we can apply simulations, physical renderers and much more to the model. Solidworks is a powerful 3D cad drawing program, used by engineers and product designers and mainly works with surfaces and curves.. Blender is  one of the most popular and powerful open source 3D editors and mainly works with polygons. Using […]

This post is mainly for the blender users, using windows. Blender is an open-source 3d editor which can be downloaded from Even for windows, there are 2 versions of Blender3D. The 32bit version, which comes as an installer and the 64 bit version, which comes as a zipped package. The 64bit is adapted to serve 64bit computers more, and most new systems now are 64bit. But does the 64bit version really have differences in rendering and baking performance? Please note that this test has been done with an older version of Blender. Meanwhile, performance might be drastically changed or […]