The way users experience your website is greatly influenced by the interactions users have with your website and how these interactions are perceived. These interactions span from page-loading interactions to just small effects when following conventional links. The following article how CSS Transitions can enhance the experience for visiting links. CSS3 covers a nifty  property which enables smooth transitions between different states of a styled element. Let’s say you have a certain div element which changes it background on hovering. Normally, there would be no transition and the background would be immediately changed on hovering. Using transition, we can have […]

Dropdown menus can almost be considered a web standard, and occur for example in many WordPress Themes. Now I’ve worked some times with Superfish plugin, which makes the transition between drop-down menu’s smoother, but it did not work optimal in all cases. Well, with CSS3, it is fairly easy to make a smoothly animated dropdown menu! The good thing is, that we don’t need Javascript. The bad thing is, the animation will not work in older versions of IE. Well, I guess you would have expected that. Nevertheless, it saves a whole piece of Javascript and rewards users of normal […]

Website optimization is an important aspect of a web developers life, as website speed is a determining factor if visitors will stay. In this tutorial, we will look to one small aspect of website optimization, namely the use of image sprites. This will be done with the example of social media icons in svg, which we will render retina compatible with a .png fallback for IE8. What is an image sprite? Image sprites combine reusable images into one single image, thereby reducing the amount of http requests that have to be made. Using CSS and elements with a fixed height […]

A slider is a powerful technique to display multiple sections of text and visualisations in just one screen. It is for no reason that it is wildy popular and used on many websites. In this article I want to describe how you can make a custom slider in WordPress, using custom post types, jquery flexslider and metaboxes. It is assumed that you have basic understanding of WordPress and understand HTML and CSS well. Step 1: Registering a Custom Post Type With register_post_type, it is possible to register a custom post, which enables you to have another type of posts besides […]