Your WordPress might be optimized for performance. You have caching running, optimized images and your scripts and styles. And now you wonder what might be next to optimize WordPress further. You are a perfectionist, so how else can performance be improved? There are a number of functions WordPress which you might not need and can easily be disabled. I wrote a PHP class which does throws a couple these optimizations together in one class. This class removes a couple of WordPress functionalities which you might not need, as well as a number of JavaScripts. In this way, your WordPress installation […]

Finding a good webhosting company for your WordPress website is not easy with so many contenders. It’s a perfect example of a decision dilemma. The same dilemma that you experience when choosing a fine wine. If you haven’t taste one, it is hard to know which one to pick. Unless there is someone close by who has tasted some of the wines. In the past year I’ve extensively tested three shared WordPress hosts, and I am more than eager to share my taste. The three contenders are GoDaddy, Siteground and Fastcomet and all offer shared hosting packages. According to their […]

Since WordPress is updated to 3.4, many people encounter problems with their figure captions in HTML5 themes. HTML5 themes are nice, but many still use the old way of implementing figure captions. There is however a solution which is fairly easy, and this will be explained in this article. Now the reason that I share it here is that I first had to delve through some WordPress Support Forum posts, Stackoverflow and websites promoting the wrong solution before finding the solution somewhere hidden in the haystack. Hence, I give  props to Andidas for implementing figure captions the right way. The […]

A slider is a powerful technique to display multiple sections of text and visualisations in just one screen. It is for no reason that it is wildy popular and used on many websites. In this article I want to describe how you can make a custom slider in WordPress, using custom post types, jquery flexslider and metaboxes. It is assumed that you have basic understanding of WordPress and understand HTML and CSS well. Step 1: Registering a Custom Post Type With register_post_type, it is possible to register a custom post, which enables you to have another type of posts besides […]