This won’t be a lengthy article. There’s a very simple question I learned from a seasoned entrepreneur. A question you have to ask yourself daily. A question you have to ask yourself when facing any task, request, question or anything else.

Well, you may be wondering what the question would be. The question is actually really simple. This is the question:

Do I need to do this now?

In an article, I unfortunately can not show the intonation of this question. So let’s see what the question actually means by highlighting some key words.

  • I: Am I the one who should be doing this, or do I need to delegate this someone else?
  • Need: Do I really need to do this at all, it is really necessary?
  • This: Is ‘this’ what should be done, or should it be something else?
  • Now: Should this be done now, is it really urgent? Or could it be done later?

And that’s it. It’s a very easy to understand question that can help you to prioritize almost anything in your life. Truth is often in simple things, and I love the truth of this question. What is the question you are asking?