Rework Book Review

Are you looking into running a company? Or do you own a company? The Rework book is an interesting piece of non-fiction having some unconventional insights for running your business. The book, written by Jason Fried (one of the founders of basecamp) contains 86 brief chapters of bold, straightforward statements. In this review, I want to show you a small glimpse of the book and discuss a couple of topics Rework talks about. And why it is such a great book! Most of the ReWork Book chapters talk about how you can run your company as optimal as possible (obviously, […]
Experiencing God Book Review, from Henry Blackaby

Just a small note: this book is aimed at a Christian audience. Of course you’re more than welcome to read it, independent of your faith. But it will make much more sense if you’re a Christian. Have you ever read a book that was so good that you’d recommended it to anyone in your proximity? For me, Experiencing God from Henry Blackaby was such a book. Hence, I am writing this Experiencing God review. I do not know where I picked up the title, as many of my Christian friends did not know it. However, it had many recommendations online. […]

A couple of years ago, I was still working at a Dutch web agency. Even before, I lived for a couple of months in India for a study project. At that time, the people and the country gained a special place in my heart. So I always wanted to return and the opportunity came. Together with my wife, who happens to be a designer as well (phew), I flew back to India to meet some friends and, surprisingly, volunteer at an NGO. While it’s already some time ago, I feel it is time to share some of the things that […]

I learned so much from this book, so I decided it is time to write a never eat alone review. I remember that I stood at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport and saw the cover if this book. It triggered something, but I did not buy it. Do you know that feeling of hesitation? Somewhat later, the book was still in my mind. So I finally did the purchase, via the Dutch giant (but it is also available on Amazon). And boy, I learned some practical networking tips from this book. PS. Do you have your own company? ReWork lets […]

I’ve never been a vivid Instagram user, due to one reason: you can not upload images while being on your desktop, laptop or personal computer. However, it is possible if you are a little clever with a browser and computers. Actually, it is pretty easy. The only prerequisite is that you have the Chrome or Firefox (if you value privacy) web browser installed on your computer. Now Instagram is designed as a mobile-only platform, so it perfectly makes sense to use it mobile only. This is also the use that would be advised. But in some cases, you might want […]
We love Greek islands and free stock photography

Free Stock photos are notorious and, in our visual culture, highly desired. While people may think that free stock images can have poor quality, there are many photos of great quality. In this article, I will share 4 websites where you can find the best free stock photos. But before I start with the actual content article, I must admit something. I felt into the trap of using something that has been widely popular. It concerns the topic of titles, titles that make you click more easily. It seems that titles using a certain number and description work particularly well. […]

You can almost feel it. The pain of reading yet another piece of academic literature. Skimming abstracts did not turn out to provide valuable insights, so you decided to read some papers to get valuable insights for your dissertation. While you manage to read normal books with an average of 50 pages per hour, you hardly seem to get through 5 pages of a paper in the same time. Although you gain considerable insight, it also took considerable pain to find these insights. But the power is in the pen, and you decide to write another publication to have your […]

Your WordPress might be optimized for performance. You have caching running, optimized images and your scripts and styles. And now you wonder what might be next to optimize WordPress further. You are a perfectionist, so how else can performance be improved? There are a number of functions WordPress which you might not need and can easily be disabled. I wrote a PHP class which does throws a couple these optimizations together in one class. This class removes a couple of WordPress functionalities which you might not need, as well as a number of JavaScripts. In this way, your WordPress installation […]

Ever felt there is more to designing than creating nifty user interfaces and visually eye candy? Or felt the urge to explain what design actually is? Well, you are probably not the only designer unleashing his or her curiosity on the process and phenomenon of design itself. For myself, I just discovered something that my design education has not taught me yet. Oh yes, I learned about the methodology behind designing, the form that follows function, the processes that underlie good design. I learned about creative problem solving, defining and discovering the core of a problem and the importance of […]

Finding a good webhosting company for your WordPress website is not easy with so many contenders. It’s a perfect example of a decision dilemma. The same dilemma that you experience when choosing a fine wine. If you haven’t taste one, it is hard to know which one to pick. Unless there is someone close by who has tasted some of the wines. In the past year I’ve extensively tested three shared WordPress hosts, and I am more than eager to share my taste. The three contenders are GoDaddy, Siteground and Fastcomet and all offer shared hosting packages. According to their […]