This won’t be a lengthy article. There’s a very simple question I learned from a seasoned entrepreneur. A question you have to ask yourself daily. A question you have to ask yourself when facing any task, request, question or anything else. Well, you may be wondering what the question would be. The question is actually really simple. This is the question: Do I need to do this now? In an article, I unfortunately can not show the intonation of this question. So let’s see what the question actually means by highlighting some key words. I: Am I the one who […]

Typography can make or break a design. While visuals are important, many designs and graphics use text and a lot of information is still conveyed using text. That makes typography really important. From books that read while using the correct font, line-height, column width and margins (I can’t stand ill-formatted books), to websites that convert. If your content is really good, so must your typography be. It would be a waste if you have the best writing, but it does not convince others because of bad typography. In this brief article, I want to share five resources that help you […]

Do you recognize those moments. Those moments where you are on a birth party or wedding of a friend and you know nobody. Or you’re visiting a conference on your own. The talks are nice, and afterwards there’s a network drinks. And drinks are cosy, huh? But how can I ever by myself on these events? Many people find these situations challenging, and sometimes even fearful, while they also long for connection with other people there. The good thing: you’re all in the same boat, and probably most of the people feel like you. That’s why I share 10 questions […]
Drivers and stoppers in your life

Ever wondering what is driving you, and what is holding you back? While you may be fairly content with yourself, you may also find that some of your behavior drives you crazy. In this article, I want to dive into the various drivers (and stoppers) that affect your behavior. I will also talk about how these drivers and stoppers were formed. This will give you great insight into why you sometimes behave in a certain way, and what has caused this. This article is by no means professional advice. If you are encountering (mental) health problems, always contact a doctor […]
Rework Book Review

Are you looking into running a company? Or do you own a company? The Rework book is an interesting piece of non-fiction having some unconventional insights for running your business. The book, written by Jason Fried (one of the founders of basecamp) contains 86 brief chapters of bold, straightforward statements. In this review, I want to show you a small glimpse of the book and discuss a couple of topics Rework talks about. And why it is such a great book! Most of the ReWork Book chapters talk about how you can run your company as optimal as possible (obviously, […]
Ego states: the child, adult and parent within you

There is a fascinating theory of ego-positions (or better, ego states), which originates from the transactional analysis. It states how we have interactions with other people, and may explain why you have reacted in a certain way. There are three ego states defined, namely the child, adult, and parent. Let’s dive into them! The Ego State of the Parent The ego state of the parents reflects behavior, feelings, and thoughts that are taken from parents or parental figures. This ego state can be both a critical and a nourishing state, but can often be summarized by “I have to”. This […]

Ever wondered why many of your relationship strands, be they professional or personal, always feel like a chore? One of the keys to understanding long-term relationships can be found in a helpful tool used in transactional analysis and NLP (neuron-linguistic programming). In this article, I want to explain what a drama triangle is, and how you could move into a victory triangle. The Drama Triangle The drama triangle consists of, you guessed it, a triangle with 3 roles that people often move in. It was first coined in 1968 by Karpman and then became a widely used tool for psychoanalytics. […]
Experiencing God Book Review, from Henry Blackaby

Just a small note: this book is aimed at a Christian audience. Of course you’re more than welcome to read it, independent of your faith. But it will make much more sense if you’re a Christian. Have you ever read a book that was so good that you’d recommended it to anyone in your proximity? For me, Experiencing God from Henry Blackaby was such a book. Hence, I am writing this Experiencing God review. I do not know where I picked up the title, as many of my Christian friends did not know it. However, it had many recommendations online. […]

I’ve always been puzzled be being yourself. What does it mean to be yourself? Are you someone if you just ‘be’, and don’t do a thing? Can you be a being, without doing? It’s a question that many others puzzle too, and something that may keep you occupied. And what if being yourself is not so important after all? Funny enough, there is even a WikiHow on how to be yourself. Nevertheless, you may encounter many situations in which you wish you’d be yourself more. From meeting new people, dealing with fear, listening, asking questions and so forth. In this […]

A couple of years ago, I was still working at a Dutch web agency. Even before, I lived for a couple of months in India for a study project. At that time, the people and the country gained a special place in my heart. So I always wanted to return and the opportunity came. Together with my wife, who happens to be a designer as well (phew), I flew back to India to meet some friends and, surprisingly, volunteer at an NGO. While it’s already some time ago, I feel it is time to share some of the things that […]