In 2019, Operation Mobilisation (OM), a world-wide Christian NGO drafted a new strategy. The world was changing rapidly, but their organisation was doing many things in the old way.

The strategy issued bold statements and showed a convincing new direction, but like many things drafted in such a format, lacked strength of implementation.

The big question: how can we improve the rate the organization is picking up this paper and improve it’s implementation?

In a four-month project, starting with a clear research phase of investigating this global organization, a toolkit was created. A toolkit which looked like a game, and played like a game.

This toolkit brought the essential aspect of the strategy paper into the world of serious-gaming. It offers a playful step-by-step approach by which people get accustomed to the contents of the paper.

Moreover, it incites to get into action. This toolkit was shipped and used during a global leaders conference and is now used by leaders from OM worldwide.

I did this project in collaboration with Jan-Willem Bijzet under my company CreativeSolvers.