Open Kaart, an amazing architecture and communication firm in Rotterdam – the city I used to live in – was improving their business focus.

With their in-house skills, they had developed a website but it did not match the feeling and the image they would like to portray as a serious agency.

Based on this brief, I researched the core of their organisation and translated it into an interactive prototype – a brand new design.

Based on the primary colors, their logo and the values of what they would portray, a complete new visual language was developed for designing the website.

They wanted to appear friendly, open and creative, but also thoughtful and professional. This atmosphere was created using rounded shapes combined with good use of white space, font-combinations using round and angular typography and clear colors conveying creativity.

This design was translated into a new website, created with WordPress and Open Kaart was trained to use this website. I also programmed a couple of custom modules that suited their needs.