I was approached to design and develop a marketplace for circular building materials by a Dutch Engineering Company. To make this possible, I did the user experience design and technical development, led strategy sessions and created the online marketing strategy for their platform.

This project was designed with a piece of software Adobe Experience XD so that interactive prototypes could be presented and tested. Also, it allowed to create a consistent brand experience. After the approval of the design, it was developed into an online website using WordPress.

This is a style tile developed for the marketplace. It indicates all colors and fonts used.

To ensure the searching experience was sufficient from a technical perspective, I implemented ElasticSearch to search through all the available materials.

The filter page, using ElasticSearch for fast and accurate searches

Support for approaching the marketplace application through a rest-API was built in so that external applications could communicate with the marketplace and push their materials.

This marketplace was built on top of the Custom Framework developed by my WordPress Hosting Company. Upon completion of the website, an online marketing strategy was drafted. I also lead a strategy session with a couple of facilitators to research the thoughts of one of the major user groups.

In the second phase of this project, this platform was redesigned and further developed by an advertising agency and renamed to Insert.