The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering from the Technical University of Delft is organizing the international conference on engineering design in 2019 (ICED19). For the design and development work around this conference, I was approached by them.

Based on the first intake, I drafted a brand triangle with their brand values and created several identities. In this trajectory, one final identity was developed, with colors matching the values stated.

ICED19 Brand Identity by Michiel Tramper
The final identity

After the completion of the identity, several design concepts were created for the conference website. 

Alternate design for the international conference on engineering design
A design alternative for the Website

To ensure the content was created in a smooth process, a content workshop was organized. In combination with some development work, this resulted in the final website. The final website reflects the library of the Technical University on the entry page and communicates the most important information according to a visual hierarchy.

The final ICED19 website

The website is hosted by my WordPress Company as a recurring sponsorship for the advancement of creativity research in the field of design engineering.