The IoT academy is an innovative company in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Among other things, they are giving workshops to enterprises concerning big data.

For one of their workshops, I developed a big-data game based for use on iPads. The goal of this game is to sell as much as lemonade as possible. The amount you sell by the weather, expected business and the price of your lemonade. In that way, one following the workshop learns how to act on data.

The management screen for game owners

This big-data game consisted of a physical and a digital component, for which I developed the latter. In the digital part of the game, game owners can login and start new games and add teams.

A team screen

Teams can access their own playable game at their own iPad, and can bet for a certain amount of lemonade sold. At the end of a game, scores are compared and calculated.

A screen with comparable scores

At last, the scores of each team are also accesible on a large screen for the whole group following the workshop.

This was a great and challenging project, especially to make this application accessible for users on three levels. This project was built with the use of the VUE.js JavaScript framework.