I learned so much from this book, so I decided it is time to write a never eat alone review. I remember that I stood at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport and saw the cover if this book. It triggered something, but I did not buy it. Do you know that feeling of hesitation?

Somewhat later, the book was still in my mind. So I finally did the purchase, via the Dutch giant Bol.com (but it is also available on Amazon). And boy, I learned some practical networking tips from this book.

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Never Eat Alone review

So what is Never eat alone about? In short, Never Eat Alone is a book by Keith Ferrazzi about networking. But it is more as just a book on networking, as it changes your view of (professional) relationships.

The book gives tips that are quite different from other books focused on networking. One of the principles of this book, for example, is that real networking is about how you make other people more successful.

With this starting point, useful and practical tips are given. For example how to make a list of contacts, establish a relationship plan and stay in contact with your relations.

Summarizing Never Eat Alone

At the beginning of the book, Keith writes about what attitude you should have in approaching relationships. Moreover, he gives more practical tips on entering into relationships and dealing with conferences. In the version that I have read, attention is also given connect into digital networks. For example, how to create good content and promote your own brand.

Never Eat Alone Review: Picture of Dinner
Eating is best enjoyed in company. Yup!

A good attitude is the starting point for proper networking

Networking is usually associated with network meetings. This book takes a slightly different approach! Quickly, it turns out that the point of departure is not about yourself, but about helping other people! This is the most important attitude in networking.

This is, what I believe, the power of this book – it starts with an attitude to life that enables you to network successfully. It is always tempting to focus on so-called network skills or network tools, but attitude is so much more important.

That life-attitude is to always have the focus to help people. To be responsible, generous, sincere and vulnerable when needed. Keith Ferrazzi abbreviates this with the letters GVAC, or generosity, vulnerability, accountability and candor (sincerity).

And in my own experience, people are interested in you, if you are also interested in them. Actually, your whole life is a meeting of different networks. The difference? How you approach it!

Practical Tips from Never Eat Alone

Having said that, Keith gives many practical tips. In this Never eat alone review, I am happy to share some of these tips with you:

  • Focus on the combination of your passions (what you like) and your skills (what are you capable of). Subsequently, draw up a plan for developing in that direction. Specifically, look to which people you need to know to achieve this goal.
  • Find a mentor or a bunch of people who advise you, and be someone similar for other people.
  • Introduce people to each other in events that you organize yourself. For example, do you have an appointment with two people? And do you think it would be valuable for them to meet each other? Organize a dinner where both meet!
  • Moreover, you can organize your own events or conferences where people meet, and subsequently, build your personal brand.
  • Probably you’ve been hearing this from Kindergarten, but it is true. Always do your homework! Especially before you meet new people. Be sure that you know what concerns them and what they find important. Have you met people? Write down their names, who they are, and don’t wait too long with the follow-up (even within 24 hours).
  • Make sure you have a list of relationships (and also people you still want to meet). Then, categorize them by category. Following, maintain relationships by sending a short message every so often that matches the type of relationship you have.
  • Do you want to achieve more in digital networks? Make sure you have something to say and create good content (in your own niche). It’s one of the best ways to expand your digital brand.

Never Eat Alone: a great book

So how positive am I about this? In short, I am very positive about this book. It is also filled with a lot of anecdotes, which makes it very readable. However, it is also focused on the life and character of the author himself.

What I found is that many examples show that the author has a great deal of (natural) social skills. He has no difficulties entering into relationships and is encouraged in forging relationships from an early age.

So, I think one of the lesser points is the book assumes that you already have the same skills and character. But still, it gives a great approach to networking and building life-long relationships.

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