Ever felt there is more to designing than creating nifty user interfaces and visually eye candy? Or felt the urge to explain what design actually is? Well, you are probably not the only designer unleashing his or her curiosity on the process and phenomenon of design itself. For myself, I just discovered something that my design education has not taught me yet. Oh yes, I learned about the methodology behind designing, the form that follows function, the processes that underlie good design. I learned about creative problem solving, defining and discovering the core of a problem and the importance of […]

Did you know you can become creative? In this article I want to propose some very basic design techniques which can help you to be creative during problem solving. Creativity is said to be composed of one’s expertise, motivation and creative thinking skills (as defined by Amabile). And it is in the latter area of thinking skills where creativity and design tricks come in. In other words, I believe you can train (some components of) creativity by applying the right techniques. The techniques are ordered into three categories: Knowing what to solve before starting to solve Generating ideas from internal […]