Teenstreet is the teen department of Operation Mobilisation, a global NGO. Since the things partaking this year (2020), they had to move their events online and use this momentum to start a global movement.

I was asked with one of my co-workers to help them moving this event online and think about ways to turn this into a movement.

The result? A month of organisation-wide online brainstorms where the whole organisation could have input in the process, followed by the search for the perfect community platform and the development and design of a brand new website.

The website was created using a WordPress theme that I developed before, which is a very useful WordPress framework to rapidly develop complex websites. It involved an event module and support for a webshop, and was hosted on the infrastructure of my WordPress company.

I also based the design of their website on the new brand identity that was developed. The new website in combination with a social media campaign formed the launch of the new TeenStreet brand.

I did this project in collaboration with Jan-Willem Bijzet under my company CreativeSolvers. My responsibility in this project was the IT-consultancy for finding a good community platform, leading strategic sessions, web development, setting up the cloud infrastructure (executed by my WordPress company) and UX-Design of the website.