Make it WorkPress is my company focused on WordPress, and currently a work in progress (but essentially, all websites are a work in progress once they are launched).

The homepage for Make it WorkPress

As it is my own company, I am also doing all the design and development work for this company. The designs portrayed here are created by Adobe Experience Design and developed with a custom WordPress framework developed by me.

At Make it WorkPress, we have consultancy services on the use of WordPress, WordPress development services and truly managed hosting for WordPress.

Make it WorkPress focuses on three target groups

Our managed hosting service is taking advantage of modern techniques, delivering incomparable performance. In addition, this is truly managed hosting as we also improve the clients’ websites performance on-site through image and asset optimization and security monitoring.

Another part of the platform is a database of hosting reviews for WordPress hosting companies. I have tested dozens of hosting packages on their usability, support and speed with exact numbers for maximum use. This data is formatted to help visitors select the right package for their needs.

In addition, a selection of scripts, themes and plugins was developed to help developers and professionals building WordPress websites.