RegioIngenieur is a local network for governmental engineering services in the public space.

As their old website was getting obsolete and outdated, they approached me to design and develop their new website.

First, I started their project by creating an extensive list of requirements, that was hooked into my project management system to which the client had access. This helped the client to view the progress and what requirements were already developed.

Second, I used the existing brand colors to develop a design system for common components, buttons, typography and so forth.

Third, this system was used to design all features and pages for the newly to be developed website, consisting of over 15 separate designs for all pages.

At last, I developed the website using WordPress, using a whole lot some custom code written in PHP and JavaScript. I created an event functionality, knowledge groups, news, user profiles and an interactive forum that is only accessible to logged-in members from specific organisations.