Hiring web designers can be difficult. There are many disciplines under the common term ‘designer,’ and experts in one field may be novices in another, while others are a “Jack of all trades, master of none.” To make things worse, people commonly relate “design” with subjective decisions, personal preference and individual style. All that makes […]

We are only human, and one of the traits of being a human is that we make mistakes. On the other hand, we are also self-correcting, meaning we tend to learn from our mistakes and hopefully are thereby able to avoid making the same ones twice. A lot of the mistakes I have made in […]

Recently, I have been working together with Toptal on a small design project. Toptal is a global company which enables you to hire the top designers or developers. Through their special selection process, only 3% of the designers or developers who applied are taken into the company.  Logically, at Toptal a lot of designers are […]

Imagine you are at the beginning of a new project: Your client needs help with a redesign of its website or application. And obviously enough, they state the following desire: “We want to improve the user experience, it has to be jaw-dropping for our customers, we want them to fall in love with our product.” […]

As front-end developers, our job is, essentially, to turn designs into reality via code. Understanding, and being competent in, design is an important component of that. Unfortunately, truly understanding front-end design is easier said than done. Coding and aesthetic design require some pretty different skill sets. Because of that, some front-end devs aren’t as proficient […]

Everyone knows and loves Lego bricks. I was hooked on Legos when I was a kid, and I still love them today. You can assemble your toy from all kinds of Legos in all kinds of ways, one piece at a time. You can then start over and build a different toy from those same […]